2023 Summer Sermon Series

JUNE 4 thru AUGUST 6, 2023


You may know the phrase or it could be new to you, but the “idea” is one we all are aware of. All of those clever tips, tricks, and techniques that help simply or improve our daily chores, tasks, save us time or solve common problems? Yep! those are LIFE HACKS!

Have you ever thought about how the scriptures give us spiritual life hacks? Simple and clever tricks to living as a Disciple of Jesus Christ.

Join us this summer for an enlightening sermon series on the Book of James, where we’ll dive into the practical wisdom and spiritual life hacks it offers. Discover the secrets to living a more fulfilling and purposeful life as we explore the timeless teachings of James. Each week, we will unpack powerful insights and actionable steps from this biblical text, providing you with practical tools to navigate life’s challenges.

Whether you’re seeking personal growth, stronger faith, or practical guidance, this series is designed to equip you with spiritual life hacks that can transform your journey.

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