Sermon Series – FUNDAMENTALS


Stretching, Conditioning, Position Work, Team Drills, and Practice… there is more to being a football player on a football team than just wearing the jersey.
Same goes for calling yourself a Christian.
It is not just a title or a name, it is a way of life. One that is filled with conditioning, practice, teamwork, and Game Nights!

We (people in the church, in general) often use the phrase “Making Disciples of Jesus Christ” as our Mission Statement. But how often do we actually get down to the fundamentals of “HOW” we make disciples? How we help ourselves and others become true followers of Jesus?

This coming sermon series will tackle some of the basics. For those who are new to the faith, these will help you get started. For those who have been doing “church” for many years, this is a good refresher. See you all on SUNDAYS!

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